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Make sure you paid for quality

    Very often when developers are cheap or had tight deadlines they have to sacrifice the quality of their code for the release dates kept. This is everyday real world thin problems that become YOUR problem when you want your application to perform with many users or be easily extended.

      During the fast development process few things are very often missed. We can help you to find answers for:

      • Were the coding standards and best approaches kept?
      • Were design patters applied correctly?
      • Is application secure?
      • Is application fast?
      • Could it be faster without buying more expensive server?
      • Can the code be cheaply maintained and extended?
      • Do the comments, code and documentation match each other?

        We will find answers for those and many more questions during the code review. Having access to code repository will make this easier and faster for us, so make sure you are the owner for the code review process to take less time and be cheaper!