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Site is slow? Let us know!

Usually very cheap developers don't think about the application performance. Not because they don't care, but usually because they're junior or they don't have experience nor think in a way that would allow them to do write performant apps.

When your site is simple, but it still loads slow, we can help by optimizing the site im multiple places. More complex applications need special treatment, but we can handle this without issues.

Both code and assets can be improved for getting the faster response time but thanks to our experience we can optimize ANY part of the app including the server itself. We often replace your current solutions with more performant ones or fix the issues your developers should do earlier.

Along the process of optimization, a lot of smaller bug fixes or serious issues are also fixed, to not be a bottleneck during optimization process.

Thanks to our DevOps experience, we can also optimizine your server or whole IT infrastructure, so you don't have to pay for more than you really need. We analyze the application for planned traffic and lower the costs as a result of the infrastructe optimization .