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Our experience, your business


Our knowledge and experience in your hands

For when not sure which way to go, or when you know the problem but not the solution.

Speed up your app!

Site is slow? Let us know!

We can make sure your site runs blazing fast. Just like in the "good old days".


Trust me, I'm an engineer!

Even we have a lot of experience in other areas, we are still software developers and our code is one of the best you can find out there.


Coding Mice is a small web development company, creating awesome projects with just a few developers. We help out on a range of projects, thanks to our wide experience. We made a lot of simple and very complex ones over the past few years. For the time being, we do not advertise our web development services anywhere else as we have too much work thanks to the word of the mouth. (Hats off to all our clients! You are the best!)

Code reviews

Make sure you paid for quality

We can do a code review of other companies and tell you where they could do better.


When new code is new stress

When you want to make sure that the next application release doesn't reintroduce old problems.

Premium Support

When you need something extra

When you need to get premium-grade support, we're here to help! We can deliver pretty much everything your business needs.


“(...) I can confirm after several months of development they have exceeded expectations in all criteria. In fact, they have done so well we have altered the way we work with all our other development teams using the methodology they introduced us to. (...) I highly recommend them to anyone seeking both front end development & Magento Community development.”

“Jan is a great consultant and takes his job very seriously. He listens to the ‘why’ you are asking, rather than doing what is told to him. He understands beyond what you are asking and delivers exactly what you needed. (...) There were many times where everyone was stumped but Jan was able to provide an answer. (...) He is always there to help and always offers great advice for hard to explain problems.”

“I have worked with Jan for a couple of years now and continue to use his services because they have a strong expertise at Magento, get work done on time and at a great rate. I not only use them for my own ecommerce business, but for my marketing clients as well. If you are looking for developers, that are not only skilled, but trustful as well, then this is it.”